Downing Street lobby briefing on Macron support for UK Russia response, air quality and Unilever

Posted On: 
15th March 2018

A spokesman for Theresa May today insisted France was behind Britain in expelling Russian diplomats after the French government suggested more evidence was required.

Number 10 Downing Street
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Asked if the Prime Minister was confident France supported the UK actions against Russia, the spokesman said: “I think you can look to the comments the French made at the UN security council, that President Macron made in conversation with the Prime Minister this morning and the support the president gave right from the outset when the Prime Minister spoke to him on Monday evening. He along with other European allies have been steadfast in their support.”

He said the Prime Minister would be in Salisbury, the location of the attack, today: "The Prime Minister is in Salisbury where she’ll be meeting with members of the public, businesses and emergency services and also receive any briefing from Public Health England."