PIP and ESA assessments 'riddled with errors' creating 'pervasive lack of trust', says Scope

Posted On: 
14th February 2018

Scope has commented on the Work and Pensions select committee's report on disability benefit claimants' experiences, which found a "pervasive lack of trust" and assesssment reports "riddled with errors".

James Taylor, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at disability charity Scope, said: 
“The committee's finding that Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) assessment reports are 'riddled with errors' will sadly come as no surprise to many disabled people.
“Scope's Helpline receives calls week-in, week-out from disabled people who have been unfairly denied this vital financial support, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.
“While steps to record all assessments can help improve transparency, this alone won’t fix the lack of trust in the system.
“Urgent reform of PIP and ESA is needed to make sure disabled people are treated fairly, assessments are accurate and lead to disabled people getting the support they are entitled to.”