Tory MP slams ‘crass insensitivity’ of protestors who left coffin outside her office

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7th December 2017

A Conservative MP has blasted activists who left a coffin outsider her constituency office as they protested hospital cuts.

Sarah Wollaston Sarah Wollaston said activists should not preach 'gentler politics' and then leave a coffin outside her door
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Sarah Wollaston, referring to the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, said the “crass insensitivity” of the stunt “seems to have passed some people by”.

“My office has already been repeatedly targeted with aggressive vandalism by those who can’t abide reasoned debate and want to make it harder for people to access their MP,” she said.

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“My message to Labour, who were part of Saturday’s march and encouraged people to join it, since sadly this does not appear to be obvious, is that you cannot preach about ‘gentler politics’ and allow someone to leave a coffin at my door."

Ms Wollaston received the backing of Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, who said the Health committee chair “fights tirelessly for NHS and Social Care”, urging her detractors to instead “go canvassing”.

The group, Save Our Hospital Services are reported to have left the coffin outside Dr Wollaston’s office in Totnes, which read: “Government health and social care spending cuts have been linked to 120,000 unnecessary deaths.”

The march's organiser, Helen Beetham, however defended the coffin as having “been used in many demos in Totnes”.

“It was a light-hearted, family-based community event with Christmas carols,” she told the BBC.

“I think it's beyond comprehension to suggest any link with the coffin and the death of Jo Cox.”