Ministers challenged to save UK steel post-Brexit

Posted On: 
12th August 2017

Saving the UK’s struggling steel industry will be a key post-Brexit test for the Government, a Labour MP has said. 

Don Valley MP, Caroline Flint, urged ministers to step in and protect the sector from falling prices, a major cause of which in recent years has been overproduction by Chinese steel producers. 

She told Huffington Post UK: “How we support our homegrown industry and economy post-Brexit is going to be a real test for the government.

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“One of the biggest threats will be from countries like China potentially over-producing steel and distorting the market and they must be robust in dealing with that.

“They haven’t covered themselves in glory so far, but they appear to be taking steps.  It is a case of keeping the pressure on and ensuring British firms have the chance to play a part in significant projects.”

“We have to keep our eye on the ball with things like HS2.  Part of securing the UK’s future is identifying the opportunities we currently have that will no longer be there, and making sure we have a rebalanced economy.

Ms Flint added: “We need to create the workforce that Britain needs and have an environment where traditional industries are supported.  We need to move away from the current obsession with the finance industry and London and the south of England.”