Boris Johnson: Tory MPs will be 'bulldozers' ending the Brexit gridlock

Posted On: 
9th December 2019

Tory MPs will act as "bulldozers" ending the Brexit deadlock if their party wins a Commons majority in the general election, according to Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson will hit the road again with just 48 hours until election day.
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The Prime Minister will say they can "smash through the gridlock" by ensiuring that the deal he struck with Brussels can finally be passed by Parliament.

Speaking on a campaign visit to Staffordshire, he will also claim that a "well-financed" tactical voting campaign could lead to "the chaos of a hung Parliament" and another EU referendum next year.

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"The stalemate in Parliament has held this country back for too long," the Tory leader will say. "Instead of concentrating on your priorities, Westminster has been mired in division and deadlock. Politicians have spent so much time shouting at each other and devising ways of wriggling out of Brexit that they have neglected the issues people care about.

"It’s time to send in the bulldozers and smash through the gridlock."

Mr Johnson will say that while 12 more seats for the opposition parties could put Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, another nine for the Tories will give them an overall majority.

"That is the choice and it could go either way – 12 seats in one direction and the nightmare will continue indefinitely; nine seats in the other direction and we can break free," he will say.

"And if we do break free, there’s a bright future waiting for us with all the opportunities of Brexit."

The PM will add: "We can literally rip up the EU rule book and write a new one for ourselves.

"We can do all this and so much more if we regain our independence – we just need to vote for it, one more time, this Thursday."