Hundreds protest near Downing Street in wake of Boris Johnson's historic victory

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14th December 2019

Protesters took to the streets of Whitehall in the wake of Boris Johnson's election win.

Boris Johnson pleaded with 'everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin'
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The demo came just hours after the Prime Minister pledged to "heal the country" over the next five years.

Crowds chanted "Boris Johnson: Not My Prime Minister" and "Boris, Boris, Boris: Out, Out, Out", with one demonstrator was arrested for criminal damage, The Sun said.

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Some protesters were reportedly seen wearing Antifa symbols - an anti-fascist protest movement.

There was a backlash on social media, with some people left unimpressed with the demonstrations. 

One posted on social media: "I didn't vote blue. But why are people protesting saying "Boris Out" less than a day after polling closed? Protest against the electorate. They kept him there. You only respect democracy if you get the result you want? "Not your PM"? Well, yeah he is. That's kinda how it works."

Another added: "Democracy is only fair if you win eh?? How do they want to decide which government is in power? Shouting the loudest? Protest marches forever more."

In a speech outside Downing Street, Boris Johnson pleaded with "everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin", adding that "the overwhelming priority of the British people is that we should focus, above all, on the NHS".

He added: "We are going to unite and level up... Bringing together the whole of this incredible United Kingdom — England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland together, taking us forward, unleashing the potential of the whole country, delivering opportunity across the entire nation."