Boris Johnson calls for bridge to be built across the Channel to link France and Britain

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19th January 2018

Boris Johnson has suggested that a massive bridge should be built across the Channel to link Britain and France.

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron met yesterday at the Anglo-French summit
Boris Johnson on Twitter

The Foreign Secretary reportedly said it was “ridiculous” the nations were linked by just a “single railway” as French president Emmanuel Macron and his senior ministers made a high-profile visit to Britain.

At a summit at the Sandhurst military academy, Mr Macron told Theresa May the UK would have to pay into the EU budget and accept European laws if it wants to maintain access to the single market after Brexit.

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But as the highly anticipated loan of the Bayeux Tapestry - which depicts the Norman Invasion of England in the 11th century - was confirmed, Mr Macron said the two nations should “make a new tapestry together” in the future.

Meeting Mr Macron at the Anglo-French summit yesterday, Mr Johnson is reported to have suggested a new 22-mile bridge spanning the Channel, to which the president replied: “I agree. Let’s do it.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Foreign Secretary originally thought a road tunnel running alongside the Channel Tunnel rail line could be a good idea - but he has since switched to the bridge plan.

The paper says he told aides: “We are two of the world’s greatest economies linked by a single railway. It’s ridiculous.

“Technology is moving on all the time and there are much longer bridges elsewhere, including one that is 34 miles long in Japan.”

And after the summit with French counterparts he tweeted: “I’m especially pleased we are establishing a panel of experts to look at major projects together.

“Our economic success depends on good infrastructure and good connections. Should the Channel Tunnel be just a first step?”

It is not the first time that Mr Johnson has floated the idea of a groundbreaking infrastructure project.

While he was London mayor, he suggested building a new airport in the Thames Estuary, but it was ruled out as impractical by experts.