WATCH: David Cameron says he does not regret calling Brexit referendum amid government chaos

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16th January 2019

David Cameron has said he does not regret calling the Brexit referendum as his successor Theresa May battled to save her premiership.

The former Prime Minister pledged to support Theresa May in getting a deal with the EU
BBC News

The former Prime Minister said he "deeply regretted" losing the 2016 campaign to keep the UK in the EU - but hoped Mrs May would be able to secure a "partnership agreement" with the bloc.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Cameron also said he believed the PM would win this evening's no confidence vote against her government, and urged MPs to "come together" to find a Brexit deal they can support.

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But he refused to say he regretted kicking off the Brexit process that cost him his premiership.

The ex-prime minister said: "It was a promise I made two years before the 2015 general election. It was included in our manifesto.

"It was legislated for in Parliament. I think six out of seven members of Parliament from all parties voted for that referendum."

Mr Cameron announced his resignation hours after the referendum result was announced.

He added: "Obviously I regret the difficulties and the problems we have been having trying to impelment the result of that referendum. But I don't think it is going to be helped by me giving a running commentary.

"I support the Prime Minister, I support her aim to have a partnership deal with Europe. That is what needs to be put in place. That is what Parliament needs to try and deliver now, and she has my support in doing that."