Local Tory activists step up bid to oust Dominic Grieve as their MP over Brexit views

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8th June 2019

Tory activists have stepped up their bid to oust Dominic Grieeve as their local MP over his anti-Brexit views.

Dominic Grieve has angered activists with his anti-Brexit stance.
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Following a special general meeting of the Beaconsfield Constiuency Conservatives Association on Friday evening, Mr Grieve has been asked to apply for re-adoption as their candidate for the next election.

The move is part of the process which must be followed in order to deselect a sitting Tory MP.

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In a statement posted on Twitter, Beaconsfield CCA chairman Jackson Ng: "I understand that there are feelings of disappointment, anger and frustration from many of our membership.

"Therefore, following this evening's special general meeting and on behalf of our executive council, I have immediately written to our MP Dominic Grieve QC to formally request that he now submits a written application to us to seek his re-adoption as our parliamentary candidate for the next general election expected in 2022."

Local Tory member Dylan Kenny said on Twitter: "It was heartening that everyone spoke respectfully and with dignity. Dominic made an impassioned and highly intelligent speech. I am glad there was no animosity and the association should be proud of the conduct of this evenings discourse."

Mr Grieve, the former attorner general, told PoliticsHome: "It does not make procedurally any difference whatsoever to my future."

Under Tory Party rules, Mr Grieve will be invited to make his case for re-adoption as a candidate in person if they wish to. The local executive council then votes on a motion to reselect the MP in a secret ballot.

If Mr Grieve wins the vote he will be re-selected to be the candidate. If he loses, he can either request that the entire local party votes in a postal ballot, or put himself up against other candidates who want to fight the seat. 

In March, the Beaconsfield party voted 182 to 131 in favour of a motion of no confidence in Mr Grieve, who opposes Brexit and supports a second EU referendum.

At the time, he said: "I continue entirely as before, as I said to the meeting. I noted the comments that were made. But I’m doing my best to represent my constituents and to act to what I see as the national interest and I’m not going to be deflected from doing that job.

He added: "It’s part of the absolute core role of being a member of parliament. What happens in respect of my association members is really a matter for them. I can’t comment on it."