Tory peer suggests Dominic Cummings should have parliamentary security pass removed

Posted On: 
3rd October 2019

A Conservative peer has suggested that Dominic Cummings should have his parliamentary security pass revoked.

Dominic Cummings is Boris Johnson's top adviser.
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Lord Hayward said it was "inappropriate" for Boris Johnson's top adviser to be given privileged access to the Palace of Westminster when he was found in contempt of Parliament earlier this year.

The cross-party Committee of Privileges found that Mr Cummings's refusal to appear in front of another committee's inquiry into fake news "constituted a significant interference with their work".

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In a letter to the Speakers of the Commons and House of Lords, Lord Hayward said: "To most people I am sure it would seem inappropriate to issue a pass to someone when they have been found, only a few weeks earlier, to be in contempt of our procedures. A pass which gives them rights to move freely about and use the facilities of the Palace.

"I would ask therefore that this be reviewed as a matter of urgency and, if appropriate, that the pass is withdrawn until the contempt is purged."

He added: "Also when the Chair of the Privileges Committee issued the report of her committee in relation to Mr Cummings she indicated that there should be a review of processes when people are found to be in contempt, a review which I understand is now underway.

"However, I do not believe we should wait for an overall and fully considered review before a decision is taken in this case."

Downing Street has been approached for comment.