John Major: End deceitful political slogans

Posted On: 
7th November 2017

John Major has called on politicians to stop using ”deceitful” political sound bites and be more honest with the public. 

John Major was UK Prime Minister between 1990 and 1997

In a scathing assessment of the current political landscape, the former Prime Minister said “puerile” slogans were undermining trust in public figures.

Speaking in Westminster Abbey yesterday he said the Conservatives’ "back to basics" phrase, used under his premiership in the 1990s, had ended up "perverting a thoroughly worthwhile social policy".

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Sir John also lashed out at the EU referendum slogan "take back control", used by the Leave campaign, calling it a "memorable example of pitch-perfect absurdity".

He argued that such phrases: "convey nothing, explain nothing and are worth nothing".

He told the audience: "As voters hear our elected representatives uttering puerile slogans instead of explaining policy, it is no wonder if respect for them melts away. Slogans and sound bites are a deceit.

"Electors deserve the truth in plain English, not in fairy tales."

The Tory grandee also warned that extreme positions were infiltrating mainstream politics.

He said: "The anti-European right wish to control the Conservative Party,” and “the neo-Marxist left wish to dominate Labour.”

“Both are making headway in a battle for the soul of their respective parties."