Michael Gove 'wins Cabinet fight' for Britain to reject EU regulations

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24th November 2017

Theresa May is set to reject Brussels demands that Brexit Britain sticks closely to EU regulations - after Michael Gove won a furious battle with Cabinet Remainers.

Michael Gove says Britain's rules and regulations should be different from the EU's.
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According to The Sun, the Environment Secretary has convinced the Prime Minister that the UK should be free to draw up radically different rules and regulations in areas such as food standards and animal welfare.

It is thought the move is opposed by the likes of Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond, who believe Britain should remain as close as possible to the EU after Brexit.

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But a Cabinet source told the paper: "We’ll be bringing EU regulations into UK law when we leave, but thereafter we’ll want to diverge. We won’t be rule takers.

“The Prime Minister is now of that view, along with Michael and Boris."

The move will set Mrs May on a collision course with chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier, who said any post-Brexit trade deal would depend on the UK maintaining a similar regulatory framework to Brussels.

He said: "Does the UK want to remain close to the European model or move away? The answer is decisive.

"There will be no ambitious partnership without common ground in fair competition, state aid, tax dumping, food safety and environmental standards."