Uproar at Brexit death threat to Commons leader Andrea Leadsom

Posted On: 
12th February 2018

The Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, has received a death threat apparently sent by a disgruntled pro-European.

Andrea Leadsom heading into 10 Downing Street

It comes just a week after Theresa May suggested there could be a new law to help protect politicians from intimidation and harassment.

Ms Leadsom, a pro-Brexit campaigner and former Tory leadership contender, posted a picture of the letter on her Twitter account this morning, which was signed “the real 48 per cent”.

The letter reads: “If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity, there are consequences. We have watched as you have led us to the edge of the abyss. We will watch no longer. You have taken lives on our side. Now we will take lives on yours.

“We are coming for you.”

The wording and sign-off is almost identical to a letter sent to an elderly constituent of another Brexit-backing MP, Zac Goldsmith.

Recently promoted Tory chairman Brandon Lewis called the letter “reprehensible” and said it showed the importance of a ‘Respect pledge’ for politicians.

Not for the first time he also questioned why Labour had not yet signed up to the pledge.