The great disappearing Prime Minister – Theresa May vanishes from the Tory website

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12th July 2017

What a difference a month makes.

Where's Theresa? The PM has disappeared from the front page of her party's website

Theresa May seems to have mysteriously vanished from the front page of her own party's website. 

Having been front and centre ever since becoming leader, the plummeting PM has now been quietly taken off – presumably a result of her approval ratings hurtling into minus territory in recent weeks.






Labour was quick to pick up on the news, with MP Toby Perkins using a PMQ to quiz First Secretary Damian Green (who was standing in while May entertains the Spanish royals). 

“For the first time since she’s become PM her image has now been removed from the front page of the Conservative party website. Can the First Secretary tell us why she has gone from being the next Iron Lady to the Lady Vanishes?”

Green offered a somewhat tame response about Perkins' quarrels with his own party's front bench, including saying Jeremy Corbyn is "not destined" to become Prime Minister. 

A Tory spokesman also played a nice straight bat in the post-PMQs media huddle.

"The website changes all the time. There are plenty of pictures of the Prime Minister on it." 

Asked if the party was "embarrassed" by May, he said: "Absolutely not. We've got a leader who is Prime Minister of this country and has set out a bold agenda of change to deliver the change that this country needs and that is what we are doing."

So that's OK then.