Theresa May's housing speech goes up in smoke as critics accuse her of delivering it in a chimney.

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5th March 2018

Theresa May has already suffered one major speech background failure in her tenure as PM. Today she tried to better it.

The big Theresa May speech on housing today was quickly absorbed by wall gags
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After the set behind her fell apart at the Conservative conference last October she made sure the stage for an address on housing today was strong and stable.

The PM stood in front of a mocked-up brick wall with a matching lectern. But some Twitter users cruelly pointed out that this made it look like she was standing inside a chimney.

Alas for Mrs May, the mockery did not stop there, as she was variously likened to a floating head, Bob the Builder and a character from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Perhaps it's time for the Downing Street events team to go back to the drawing board.