LISTEN: Former No 10 comms director savages Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy

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10th June 2017

Theresa May’s former director of communications has given a scathing verdict on the Prime Minister’s chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill. 

Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill at the White House earlier this year
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Katie Perrior, who worked at No 10 for ten months alongside the Prime Minister and her aides, said the Conservative leader, Ms Hill and Mr Timothy all shared similar weaknesses.

She described Ms Hill as having “quite frankly crazy” ideas, which Mrs May would usually allow to go unchallenged, and said the atmosphere at meetings was “terrible” when overseen by the chiefs of staff.

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And Ms Perrior criticised the Prime Minister for not bringing in people around her that could address some of her own shortfalls.

She told the Today programme: “In politics, no one is 100% perfect, so if you have those weaknesses within you then you hire people who can do those things for you. So if you’re not this great communicator that’s on the phone to people this morning, telling candidates ‘I’m sorry’, or ‘I want to work with you in the future, come with me’, then you hire people that do that for you. And I’m afraid she didn’t have those qualities herself but she hired people around her that didn’t have them either.”

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