Most voters think Theresa May should quit before next election - poll

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16th July 2017

Most voters believe Theresa May should resign as Prime Minister before the next election, according to a new poll.

Theresa May Support for Theresa May to stay in No10 is on the wane.
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The Opinium survey also revealed that 51% disapprove of the job she is doing, although she has a slight lead over Jeremy Corbyn on who would make the best Prime Minister.

The poll also showed that the Conservatives have cut Labour's lead over them to two points.

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Some 57% said they thought Mrs May should stand down before the next election, which is due to take place in 2022, while 33% said she should quit now.

Some 16% of those polled said she should stay on until the end of the Brexit negotiations, with 8% believing she should step down shortly before the next election.

In contrast, just 22% said she should carry on as Prime Minister and lead the Conservatives into the next election.

Mrs May's overall approval rating is now minus 21%, while Mr Corbyn's is plus 4%.

However, 36% still believe she makes the best Prime Minister, compared to 33% for Jeremy Corbyn.

Elsewhere, the poll showed that 58% of British adults back scrapping the 1% cap on public sector pay rises.

Adam Drummond, head of political polling at Opinium, said:  "Although support for May has waned, there is a lack of enthusiasm for other senior Conservative politicians to take the reins, presenting a dilemma for the party.

"In our findings, UK voters were most likely to view Boris Johnson as a future Conservative Prime Minister, but he remains a polarising figure with two thirds  - 63% - struggling to imagine him as Prime Minister."