Top Cabinet minister admits Damian Green was sacked because he lied

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21st December 2017

Damian Green was sacked by Theresa May because “he lied” about the porn on his computer, a top Cabinet minister admitted today.

Jeremy Hunt said his former Cabinet colleague "lied on a particular incident"
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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it was “clear” from the exchange of words between the Prime Minster and her closest ally that he had not chosen to quit but had been ousted.

And he hit out at the ex-police officers who went public about the explicit material found on Mr Green’s office computer, saying their behaviour did “not sit comfortably in a democracy”.

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Theresa May sacks Damian Green after inquiry finds he breached ministerial code over porn claim

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Mr Green was asked to step down as First Secretary of State by the Prime Minister after he was found to have misled a Cabinet office inquiry into his behaviour.

The investigation found it was "inaccurate and misleading" for him to claim police had not told him porn had been found on the computer.

Asked on Radio 4's Today programme this morning whether top Tory Mr Green was in fact sacked, Mr Hunt said: “Yes, I think that is clear sadly from the letters that were exchanged.”

He added: “He lied on a particular incident, yes. I think lots of people who understand the context would appreciate why that might have happened. But that doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

“I think what this shows is in our democracy we hold Cabinet ministers to the very highest standards of conduct.” 

But Mr Hunt took a swipe at former officer Bob Quick after he leaked details of the porn stash found during a raid on Mr Green's parliamentary office in 2008 .

“Some of the actions of particularly a retired police officer don’t sit comfortably in a democracy,” he said.

Mr Hunt noted that the Met Police had launched an investigation into the conduct of former officers and said there were "various other things that I think we do need to get to the bottom of".

Other prominent Tory MPs also hit out at the ex-police officers in the wake of Mr Green being sacked. 

Asked whether he might replace Mr Green as de-facto deputy prime minister, Mr Hunt said: "I want to carry on doing what I am doing now, I'm a health man."

The Cabinet Office investigation also looked into allegations of inappropriate behaviour made by Mr Green towards Tory activist Kate Maltby.

The probe was unable to make a verdict on the claims but said her account - that he “fleetingly” touched her leg and sent her inappropriate text messages - was "plausible".