Opposition party leaders tell Jeremy Corbyn second referendum is 'best way forward'

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19th March 2019

Leaders of the smaller opposition parties are to pile pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to explicitly support a second referendum with the option of staying in the EU on the ballot paper.

Jeremy Corbyn will meet with other opposition leaders to discuss Brexit.
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The Labour boss will hold talks with the leaders of the SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party for the first time in an attempt to present a united front against Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Mr Corbyn has said Labour will support a second public vote as a way of preventing "a Tory Brexit" but has not confirmed whether there would be the option of remaining an EU member.

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And speaking at the weekend, the Labour leader refused to say whether he would vote Remain if that was the choice next time around.

He told Sky News: "If we’ve got a good deal in which we can have a dynamic relationship with Europe then that might be a good way forward that unites the country."

But in their statement ahead of Tuesday's talks, the other opposition leaders insisted there was "no such thing as a good Brexit".

They said: "The UK faces an unprecedented crisis with Brexit, and Westminster remains deeply divided. The best and most democratic way forward is to put the decision back to the people in a new vote - with the option to Remain on the ballot paper.

"We are in agreement that there is no such thing as a good Brexit. We are clear that retaining our EU membership is the only way to protect jobs, living standards, our public services, the environment and the economy.  And it is important that we will retain all of our rights as EU citizens.

"We welcome Labour's recent decision to support a public vote, and we look forward to discussing how we can make it happen and give the people the final say on our EU membership - that must be the priority now."