Jeremy Corbyn to speak at protest against Donald Trump's visit to UK

Posted On: 
3rd June 2019

Jeremy Corbyn is to speak at a major protest against Donald Trump's state visit to the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at an anti-Trump protest in London last year.

Tens of thousands are set to attend a series of demonstrations across London, with the Labour leader expected to address a closing rally in Parliament Square.

The protests are due to begin in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday morning before marching past Downing Street to coincide with a meeting between Theresa May and the president.

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A Labour spokesperson said: “Jeremy Corbyn will attend and speak at the demonstration tomorrow against President Trump’s state visit.”

The controversial commander-in-chief provoked fury on Monday when he branded London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser” just moments after his arrival in the UK.  

But Mr Corbyn hit back at the remarks and said the protests were an opportunity to “stand in solidarity” with those attacked by the President.

He tweeted: “Tomorrow’s protest against Donald Trump state visit is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he’s attacked in America, around the world and in our own country - including, just this morning Sadiq Khan.”

The comments come after Mr Corbyn refused an invitation to attend a state banquet being held for the US leader at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening.

Earlier this year, the Labour leader condemned the state visit, saying: “Theresa May should not be rolling out the red carpet for a state visit to honour a president who rips up vital international treaties, backs climate change denial and uses racist and misogynisitic rhetoric.”

He added: “Maintaining an important relationship with the US does not require the pomp and ceremony of a state visit.

“It’s disappointing that the Prime Minister has again opted to kowtow to this US administration.”

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn has cancelled a planned appearance at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Tuesday evening as he is campaigning in Peterborough ahead of Thursday's by-election.