Jeremy Corbyn: I’ll force early general election

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24th June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to “force an early general election” after saying it is “ludicrous” to think that Theresa May’s minority government could hold on to power.”

Jeremy Corbyn said the Conservatives were presiding over a "coalition of chaos"
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“We will challenge this government at every step and try to force an early general election,” the Labour leader told the Daily Mirror.

"Mrs May called the election so not to have a coalition of chaos, but that is exactly what we have got, they don’t seem to have come to an agreement with the DUP two weeks after the election.”

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His comments come after a new poll said voters now believe that he would make a better Prime Minister than Theresa May.

The YouGov survey for The Times found that 35% of British adults believe the Labour leader should be in Number 10, compared to 34% who back Mrs May.

It marks a remarkable turnaround since mid-April, when the Conservative leader called the general election.

Asked about the poll, Mr Corbyn said: “I am very happy if people are prepared to vote Labour again.”