Labour peer calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be replaced as party leader

Posted On: 
10th September 2017

A Labour peer and former Cabinet minister has called for Jeremy Corbyn to be replaced as the party's leader.

Labour peer Lord Adonis called for an end to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

Lord Adonis, who served as a minister under Tony Blair and became Transport Secretary under Gordon Brown, claimed Labour's failure to win the snap general election meant Mr Corbyn should go.

He is the first senior Labour figure to openly demand a change of leadership since the election, when the party hugely outperformed expectations to gain 30 seats and a 9.5% higher share of the vote than in 2015.

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In a tweet on Saturday night, the peer suggested that leaders who do not triumph in their first election "virtually never win a second" and called for Mr Corbyn to go "asap". 

His intervention drew a strong response from shadow minister Chris Williamson, a long-time supporter of Mr Corbyn's leadership.