Jeremy Corbyn: Porridge diet will help me lead Labour until 2022 election

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28th December 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he has the energy to lead Labour into the next general election - thanks to a daily diet of porridge.

Jeremy Corbyn could be 73 by the time of the next general election.
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The 68-year-old said he also avoids alcohol and meat to help keep him in the best possible physical condition.

Mr Corbyn repeated his prediction that the next election could take place within the next year because of the "unstable" nature of Theresa May's pact with the DUP.

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But he said he was ready to remain leader all the way until 2022 if the parliaments last a full five years - by which time he will be 73.

In an interview with the i, Mr Corbyn said: "We’ve got lots of energy. I’ve got loads of energy, I’m fine. I eat porridge every morning – porridge and energy bars – and I keep off alcohol and meat."

He added: "The scenarios are that the Conservatives implode to some degree or their position becomes untenable and they decide to call another election and we’ll take the battle out there.”

The Labour leader also tried to play down suggestions that his party could back a second EU referendum, stressing that they were "not advocating" such a move.

His comments came after 70 Labour councillors urged the party to give voters the chance to "change their minds" on Brexit.

Mr Corbyn also revealed in an interview with the Independent that the next Labour manifesto will contain a pledge to end so-called "no fault evictions" where tenants are removed from their property at the whim of their landlord.

He said: "I am very determined to bring some order and stability to their [tenants’] lives by longer tenancies and eviction that can only be there for good reason rather than just what can be retaliatory eviction."