Labour faces equalities probe over BAME ticket discount

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23rd January 2018

Labour faces a probe by equalities watchdogs into whether it broke the law by offering cheaper rally tickets to black and ethnic minority members.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said the ticket discount "sets a dangerous precedent"
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Tickets for an event in the East Midlands next month was offered to the BAME wing of the party for £30. The price is a £10 discount compared with tickets for other members.

Labour said the reduced price was a bid to “improve representation” but the Equalities and Human Rights Commission is looking into the matter after a complaint by Tory MP Andrew Bridgen.

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The North West Leicestershire MP fumed: "This is not only divisive and, I believe, illegal, but it sets a dangerous a precedent which could easily be exploited at the extremes of our politics.

"I'm calling on Labour to refund the £10 racial surcharge."

An EHRC spokesman said: "A complaint has been received and we are looking at the detail before considering what action, if any, is needed."

A regional Labour Party spokesman said: "The basic price of a conference pass is the same for all members but, at the request of our East Midlands Regional Board, the party will subsidise part of the cost of this year's conference pass for BAME members to encourage attendance and improve representation."