Labour forced to delete tweet after St George's Day blunder

Posted On: 
22nd April 2019

Labour has been forced to delete a tweet wishing everyone a Happy St George's Day after they sent the social media message out a day early.

The patriotic message was the second social media blunder by the party in recent days.

The party had hoped the message would sway potential voters as they reiterated their promise to hand voters four extra bank holidays to mark the patron saint days of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

But Labour were left red-faced after it was pointed out they'd published the tweet a full 24 hours early.

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The message, which was also sent out by several regional Labour accounts, said: "Happy St George's Day! With the next Labour government, we'll celebrate the patron saint with a bank holiday - and bank holidays for St Patrick, St David and St Andrew too.

"Sound good? Share the news." 

The gaffe comes just days after the party was forced to delete another posted aimed at celebrating the Jewish festival of passover.

The tweet, which included the Star of David, a glass of wine, and a loaf of bread, was binned after Twitter users pointed out that Jews are forbidden from eating leavened bread during the holiday.

Instead, flat bread or crackers are eaten to symbolise the Jewish people's rushed escape from Egypt - which didn't allow for time for dough to rise.

The party, which has faced a barage of criticism for its handling of complaints of anti-semitism, quickly deleted the graphic before uploading another which omitted the reference to bread.

Tory MP Michael Fabricant blasted the party as "dummies" over the set of gaffes.

He tweeted: "St George's Day is on the 23rd, not the 22nd Dummies! This follows a tweet from Labour with a Start of David and a loaf of bread for passover when the rule is you DON'T eat leavened bread. That tweet was then deleted."