Labour slapped with £1,000 fine by election watchdog for inaccurate donation reports

Posted On: 
18th June 2019

Labour has been slapped with a £1000 fine by the elections watchdog for failing to provide an accurate account of its donations.

Labour have been forced to pay another fine to the elections watchdog for submitting inaccurate reports

The Electoral Commission said it was "disappointing" that it had had to impose two £500 fines for failing to accurately record income from donations.

Labour was also handed a further two variable fines of £500 and £250 for filing an inaccurate spending return relating to the 2017 snap general election.

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The sanctions come just months after Jeremy Corbyn's party were forced to stump up a record £12,000 for the same offence.

Meanwhile, the elections watchdog also imposed a £200 fine on the Conservative Party's local Wakefield group for filing their 2017 statement late.

Commenting on the investigations, the Electoral Commission's director of regulation, Louise Edwards, said: "The report requirements are clear, so it is disappointing when parties - especially well resourced ones - fail to provide accurate reports.

"It is vital that voters are given an opportunity to see full, accurate data on where parties' money comes from and how it is spent at elections.

"The Commission will continue to enforce these requirements on all parties and campaigners to ensure that voters have the information they need."

Labour has paid the fines and said the error had arisen from filing a late return and that they had voluntarily reported the omission to the watchdog.

A party spokesperson, said: "We were happy to clear up these minor administrative issues."

In January, the party were hit with a £12,000 fine - the highest ever dished out by the commission - after it produced innaccurate reports about cash handed over by donors.

The party said the mammoth sum was levied after it inadvertently duplicated some reported donations, but added there had been no suggestions of a deliberate attempt to conceal the cash.