Labour MP says ‘monarchy could be abolished’ after Queen approves PM’s plan to prorogue Parliament

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29th August 2019

A Labour MP has suggested the monarchy could be abolished after the Queen approved Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament.

Labour MP Kate Osamor criticised the Queen after she approved an order to prorogue Parliament
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Kates Osamor criticised Her Majesty for signing the prorogation order requested by the Prime Minister, which will shut the House of Commons for up to five weeks.

And she compared the action to Greece’s Constantine II, whose acceptance of a military junta in his country eventually led to the end of his reign as King.

The MP for Edmonton was one a number of parliamentarians who reacted with fury to Mr Johnson’s plan, with several making threats to stage “sit-ins” in the chamber.

Ms Osamor, a former Shadow International Development Secretary, first tweeted after news the order had been signed: “The. Queen. Did. Not. Save. Us.”

She later added: “The Queen should look at what happened to her cousin Tino ex King of Greece when you enable a right wing coup! Monarchy abolished!”

Earlier her colleague Dawn Butler, shadow minister for women and equalities, posted on social media: “No matter how you voted, Boris cannot be allowed to close parliament. I along with my colleagues will occupy parliament.”

And Clive Lewis, a shadow Treasury minister, said. “If Boris shuts down parliament to carry out his no-deal Brexit, I and other MPs will defend democracy,

“The police will have to remove us from the chamber. We will call on people to take to the streets. We will call an extraordinary session of parliament.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, even called for a general strike in response to the PM’s actions.

He wrote in the Mirror: “It looks more and more like the only way forward to stop our country falling into the hands of the undemocratic right.”

The backlash comes as more than one million people signed a petition opposing the plan to shutter Parliament from as soon as September 9 until October 14.

And in a further sign of the public anger against it, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Westminster on Wednesday evening to voice their anger.