Labour candidates asked to sign Momentum loyalty contract

Posted On: 
26th November 2017

Left-wing campaign group Momentum is reportedly asking prospective Labour MPs to sign a contract pledging their commitment to Jeremy Corbyn in exchange for support.

Jon Lansman founded Momentum in 2015 to support Jeremy Corbyn
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The organisation is targeting those currently seeking selection to run in marginal Labour seats, with several already signed up, according to the Observer.

The contracts binds candidates to a 13-point “political accord” and commits them to ensuring that “the Labour manifesto (subject to future policy development) is fully implemented once Labour are in government”.

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It also features a commitment to “revitalise the Labour party by building on the values, energy and enthusiasm of the Jeremy for Leader campaign”.

An angry Labour MP told the paper: “It reflects a Stalinist approach to politics that Momentum would come up with such a contract for candidates.

“It has worrying implications for our democracy that there could be MPs in parliament who have signed away their right to independent judgment.”

The group has been an increasingly powerful force since its creation in 2015, with increasing concern it could push to deselect those who fail to back Jeremy Corbyn.  

Several Momentum activists have also been drafted into the Labour leader’s top team.

A spokesman for Momentum described the loyalty contract as an attempt to foster “fair, honest debate on policies”.

He added: “It just makes the commitment to higher ethical standards more explicit...

“You want to back candidates who are good people – who support the code of ethics. We don’t have a programme.

“We are a campaigning organisation. The accord is more a version of what every Labour member signs up to. It just spells it out a bit more.”

Referring to deselection threats, Momemtum founder Jon Lansman said: “I don’t think that any hardworking MP has anything to fear...

“Having greater say in election is not about deselection, it is about greater accountability.”