Momentum founder demands reselection of Labour council candidates

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6th December 2017

Jon Lansman has demanded the reselection of Labour council candidates in London, accusing some in the party of “anti-democratic stitch-ups”.

Jon Lansman founded Momentum in 2015 to support Jeremy Corbyn
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The Momentum founder signed an online petition which questioned the “validity of recent selection processes” and shared it on his Facebook page. 

The petition, which was started by the Ealing branch of Momentum, reads: “Labour party members across London have significant and serious concerns regarding the fairness, inclusivity, transparency and therefore validity of these recent selection processes.”

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The form, which has 510 signatures, claims the current process has “disenfranchised newer party members in a way that is unjustified and avoidable”.

Left wing figures want candidates to be allowed to run in local election if they have been a member of the party for six months rather than a year as those with shorter allegiances are more likely to have signed up to support Jeremy Corbyn. 

Mr Lansman told The Times: “It is well known in Labour circles that many London selection boards have taken part in anti-democratic stitch-ups against the will of their local members. I signed the petition because I felt it was important to draw attention to this.”

He added: “This, I must emphasise, is my personal opinion and not Momentum’s position on the matter.”

Sources in the left wing group have claimed activists from centrist Labour groups have attempted to block left wing candidates and therefore selections should be rerun and blocked nominees should be allowed to stand. 

This comes after Momentum was accused of mounting an “aggressive purge” on moderate Labour councillors and forcing them off ballot papers for re-election.

Last week, reports emerged that around 10 councillors in the London borough of Haringey had been deselected by local Momentum supporters or been pressured into not standing again for their seats due to “narrow factionalism”.