Momentum ‘shuts down youth wing’

Posted On: 
11th January 2018

Influential campaign group Momentum has reportedly shut down it youth wing over suggestions it has brought the organisation into ‘disrepute’. 

Jon Lansman founded the left-wing pressure group Momentum

According to the Times, the group’s founder Jon Lansman has demanded that access to its social media accounts is handed over to a central organiser.

In a letter to Momentum Youth and Students, Mr Lansman said he felt that the platforms had “at times been used in ways which have brought Momentum into disrepute and which are inconsistent with Momentum’s code of ethics, which seek to promote values consistent with those of Jeremy Corbyn’s two leadership campaigns ‘of fair, honest debate focused on policies, not personal attacks’.’’

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Further details on how the youth wing may have breached the code have not yet emerged.

The move comes as Mr Lansman waits to find out if he has been awarded a place on Labour’s powerful National Executive Committee.

The Momentum chief looks set to take a seat on the ruling body after it emerged last year that he and two other left-wing candidates had won the backing of two-thirds of local party branches.

Mr Lansman, Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham have dominated the race for nominations, with figures published by Momentum showing that the trio have won the support of two-thirds of constituency Labour parties.

A Momentum source told PoliticsHome at the time: "We're obviously very pleased with these results and, although CLP nominations are only an indication, we're feeling pretty confident."