Boost for Jeremy Corbyn as Momentum 'confident' of NEC victory after local party nominations

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20th November 2017

Momentum boss Jon Lansman is on course to be elected to Labour’s ruling body after it emerged he and two other left-wing candidates have won the backing of two-thirds of local party branches.

Momentum was set up to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
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Mr Lansman, Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham have so far dominated the race for nominations to win places on the National Executive Committee.

According to figures published by Momentum, the trio have won the support of two-thirds of constituency Labour parties.

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That is a major boost for Mr Corbyn as it would tip the balance of the NEC decisively in favour of Labour's left wing if the trio were to be elected.

A Momentum source told PoliticsHome: "We're obviously very pleased with these results and, although CLP nominations are only an indication, we're feeling pretty confident."

Among those the Momentum-backed slate are up against is comedian Eddie Izzard, who is currently trailing a distant fourth 

Momentum national coordinator Laura Parker, said: “This welcome news shows a thirst among ordinary Labour Party members for change in the way our party operates and a move towards a more member-led party.

“Labour’s 600,000 members across the country have been the driving force behind recent electoral successes and it is now time that they had more of a say in how their party is run.”

The decision to create three extra seats on the currently 35-member board was taken at the party’s annual conference in September.

According to supporters of Mr Corbyn, the new spots will help democratise the party by giving greater organisational say to its 250,000 new members - many of whom joined to support the Labour leader.