Labour mocks Cabinet infighting with 'Chequers survival kit' ahead of crunch summit

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6th July 2018

Labour has put together a mock hamper including a "sticking plaster" and "packet of fudge" for ministers to take to Chequers today as they attempt to reach agreement on Brexit.

Labour has made up a 'survival kit' ahead of ministers crunch meeting
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Theresa May reportedly warned the 22 members of her top team last week that they face a long day of talks that may stretch into the night as they attempt to put finishing touches to a Brexit white paper due this month.

Deep splits still remain between Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson and David Davis, and pro-EU Tories including Philip Hammond and Greg Clark on the UK's future customs arrangements with the block.

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However in a bid to rub salt into Cabinet wounds, Jeremy Corbyn’s party has filled a red box which also includes a can for ministers to “kick down the road” and a “Boris Johnson special edition of Deal or No Deal.”

The sticking plaster, Labour says, is to "plaster over the cracks" in the Government's position, while the "fudge" refers to repeated failure to reach common agreement.

To cope with a potential all-nighter, the party has also packed pyjamas and “a stopwatch to count down to the looming deadline”.

Should disagreement still reign by the morning the box includes “a draft resignation letter” for any dissenting ministers.

Shadow Brexit Minister Jenny Chapman said behind the party’s stunt was a “serious point” and called on Theresa May to take on the “extreme voices” on her top team.

“Tory infighting over Brexit has got so serious Labour has been left with little choice but to try and offer ministers a helping hand before this latest peace summit,” she said.

“But there is a serious point to this. Every single day the Government wastes arguing with itself puts jobs and the economy at risk and increases the chances of the UK crashing out without a deal. No deal would be the worst possible outcome for our country.

“Businesses are crying out for certainty and even a glimmer of hope that ministers have a plan for Brexit.

“In the next 24 hours Theresa May must face down the extreme voices in her Cabinet and finally get on with the job of negotiating for Britain.”