Labour MPs warned as 92% of Momentum members call on them to vote down Brexit deal

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6th November 2018

The vast majority of Momentum members want Labour MPs to vote down Theresa May's Brexit deal, it has emerged.

Momentum have warned Labour MPs they could face consequences if they vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal.
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A poll found that 92% of them say it must meet the six tests laid down by the Labour leadership in order to gain the MPs' support.

The pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group also warned any Labour MP who backs the deal "will have a hard time explaining themselves back in their constituencies".

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Elsewhere, the survey also showed that 41% of Momentum members want Labour to back a second EU referendum in all circumstances - putting them at odds with the official Labour policy, which is to push for a general election in the first instance.

Momentum spokesperson Becky Boumelha said: "The view of members is clear, Theresa May’s Brexit deal will be a disaster for this country and all Labour MPs must vote it down if it fails Labour’s six tests.

"It is not in the national interest to slip through the back door a Tory Brexit that will destroy our communities and crash the economy. Propping up a destructive Tory deal will be Kryptonite to Labour members, and any Labour MP who votes with the Government will have a hard time explaining themselves back in their constituencies."

The results of the survey of 6,500 Momentum members was welcomed by pro-EU campaigners.

Labour MP David Lammy, a supporter of the People’s Vote campaign for another referendum, said: "It’s great news that Momentum will be campaigning for Labour MPs to oppose this miserable Brexit.

"Of course Labour wants a general election but if that’s not possible Momentum members support a people’s vote by a margin of almost four to one. Labour voters and Labour MPs should unite against a bad Brexit and work to give people the democratic voice they deserve."

Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the TSSA union, said: “Labour MPs are well aware of the party’s six tests, and if these are not met in full then they know they’d be voting for a deal which would hurt their own constituents. Of course, the best deal on offer is the one we currently hold and staying put shouldn't be ruled out."

Details of the poll were released as it emerged Theresa May is inching closer to agreeing a Brexit deal with Brussels.

Cabinet members have been told to be on standby for an emergency meeting to sign off on the agreement, possibly within the next 48 hours.