Ex-People's Vote staff launch second referendum push with bid to stop Boris Johnson majority

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26th November 2019

Former staff from the People's Vote campaign have launched a fresh push to deprive Boris Johnson of a majority and trigger a second Brexit referendum.

Campaigners for a second Brexit referendum in London last month.

The newly-formed 'Vote for a Final Say' group, which includes ex-advisers to the People's Vote campaign, has promised to "start fighting back" and scupper the Prime Minister's chances of winning the election by making it easier for voters to know which anti-Brexit candidates to support in their areas.

The People's Vote campaign descended into acrimony last month as staff staged a walkout following the sacking of director James McGrory and head of communications Tom Baldwin by chairman Roland Rudd.

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Mr McGrory is now acting as a senior adviser to the 'Vote for Final Say' drive, with Mr Baldwin also on board as a communications adviser.

The new group has vowed a "laser-focused mission" looking at 25 key marginal constituencies that it says could stop the Conservatives from securing a landslide majority.

Pledging to spend "thousands of pounds" in each seat, the new group has said it will aim to offer tactical voting advice and advise anti-Brexit voters who "are still confused or are being misled about which candidate is best-placed to beat the Conservatives".

Mr McGrory said: "Time is running out to stop Boris Johnson getting a landslide.

"There have been too many arguments about who has the best tactical voting website or polling data and not enough action.

"We can all agree that these 25 seats are critical if we’re to prevent Brextremist Tories securing total power.

"Now is the time for everyone to roll their sleeves up and start fighting back."

The group is also teaming up with former activists from the 'For Our Future's Sake' group of anti-Brexit students in a bid to drive up the youth vote.

For our Future’s Sake co-founder Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson said the new campaign would try to make sure young people use their votes "wisely" to block Brexit-backing candidates.

"These 25 seats could decide whether Boris Johnson gets the majority he needs to do whatever he wants of us having the chance to stop him through a Final Say referendum," she said.

"Young people are traditionally the group of voters least likely take part in elections but we also have the most to lose.

"In constituencies where just a few hundred people could make all the difference, it is vital we make our voices heard.”

Candidates the party is hoping to shore up include Labour's Richard Burden, Darren Jones, James Frith and Anna McMorrin, as well as Lib Dem hopefuls Luciana Berger, Daisy Cooper and Paul Kohler.