Alex Salmond criticised over chat show on Kremlin-funded Russia Today

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10th November 2017

Alex Salmond has been criticised after it emerged he is to host a weekly chat show on a controversial TV channel funded by the Russian government.

Alex Salmond unveils a portrait of himself in Edinburgh.
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The former SNP leader will present the 'Alex Salmond Show' on Russia Today, which has been rebranded RT.

Mr Salmond has made regular appearances as a pundit on the channel, which has been accused of being a propaganda outlet for Vladimir Putin's regime.

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But his decision to sign up for his own show - which will be produced by Mr Salmond's production company Slainte Media - has been slammed by some within his own party.

One SNP MP told PoliticsHome that it was "dangerously undignified", while SNP MEP Alyn Smyth told The Herald: "What the f*** is he thinking?"

The new programme will be similar in format to the former Scottish First Minister's one-man show at this summer's Edinburgh Fringe, which featured interviews with political figures including David Davis and John Bercow.

Mr Salmond has praised Vladimir Putin in the past, telling GQ magazine that he admired the way he had "restored a substantial part of Russian pride".

The former MP - who lost his seat at the election in June - has also been a fierce critic of the UK press as well as the BBC.

Mr Salmond last night hit back at his critics, insisting many Conservative, Labour and SNP MPs - including Jeremy Corbyn - have appeared on RT in the past.

He told the BBC's Newsnight: "I appeared on RT programmes when I was still a Member of Parliament, it would be a bit strange if I said 'now I'm no longer a Member of Parliament I'm refusing to make my own show with my own production company over which I have total editorial control.

"If it turns out to be Kremlin propaganda, then people can slate me."