Henry Bolton: I may sell my house to fund Ukip leadership

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23rd October 2017

Ukip leader Henry Bolton has said he is prepared to sell his house in order to fund being party leader.

Ex-soldier Henry Bolton is the latest leader of dwindling anti-Europe party, Ukip
Sky News

The shock winner of Ukip’s leadership contest last month, beat controversial anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters and deputy leader Peter Whittle to the post.

However when asked how he is intending to finance working as party leader, as the job is unpaid, he said if he failed to get funding from donors, he would “sell his home”.

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Ukip avoids split as Henry Bolton beats anti-Islam Anne Marie Waters to become leader

He added his wife is “nervously supportive” of the possible move.

“I entered this knowing it wasn’t paid and if I don’t get any sort of remuneration from this, then we’ll be selling the home and so on. This is a job that has to be done,” he told LBC.

“This country is at such a juncture now that there is a desperate need for a bit of leadership in a pro-Brexit opposition and it’s crucial, whatever the result of the next couple of years, that is going to dictate for generations the future of this country and its people and it’s absolutely desperate that we get some leadership involved and Ukip is in the right position to provide some of that leadership.”

The party has faced three leadership contests in the last year, and lost all but one of the seats it contested in May's local elections.

Mr Bolton made headlines earlier this month when he claimed he could chase and kill a badger with his "bare hands".