Number 10 lobby briefing on the Russian spy scandal and the Government’s new communities strategy

Posted On: 
6th March 2018

Here is a summary of this morning's briefing for lobby journalists by the Prime Minister's official spokesman.

10 Downing Street
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Theresa May is receiving regular updates on the police investigation into former spy Sergie Skripal, who was taken ill yesterday after being exposed to a mystery substance.

Asked for an update on communication between Downing Street and the police on the matter, the  Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “All relevant departments including Number 10 are being kept informed of developments.

“As you would expect this is an ongoing investigation which is being led by the police and is an operational matter for them.”

Mr Skripal, 66, who was granted refuge in Britain eight years ago as part of a "spy swap" with Russia, is critically ill in hospital.