John McDonnell: Labour is going to win a majority on Thursday

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9th December 2019

The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has predicted Labour will win a “surprise” majority when the country goes to the polls on Thursday.

John McDonnell speculated that the polls might not be accurate.
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When asked if he would be interim leader if Jeremy Corbyn stepped down, he said: "It's not going to happen because we're going to have a majority Labour government."

The frontbencher made the comments following a speech in London in which he set out his party's plans for its first 100 days in Government.

As well as delivering a budget by February 5, Labour would also end austerity and start the process of nationalising the water and energy industries.

This would be possible, Mr McDonnell said, because he believed Mr Corbyn will win a majority in this week's election “despite what’s happening in the opinion polls”.

The Conservatives are currently on course to win a comfortable majority, with the latest opinion poll giving them a 14 point lead over Labour.

But Mr McDonnell said: “The opinion polls have been consistently trending towards [Labour]. 

“I think you’ll see, as some of you were surprised in the 2017 general election, that you’ll be even more shocked this time round.”

He added that people were “fed up” with austerity under the Tories, and dubbed Boris Johnson “the least-trusted politician that people have ever experienced”.

The comments come after analysis by ywo pro-EU campaign groups revealed tactical voting by just 40,000 people in 36 seats could prevent a majority for Boris Johnson.