Exeter University reaction to the Queen's Speech

Posted On: 
21st June 2017

University of Exeter academics reflect on the Queen's Speech specifically on grammar school policy which was omitted from the programme and domestic violence which was included.

HM The Queen delivering the 2017 Queen's Speech

Grammar schools

Professor Debra Myhill, of the University of Exeter, said:

“It is great news that the proposals for more grammar schools have been shelved.  They had very little support, neither politically nor within the education profession. The research evidence is clear, young people in areas where there are grammar schools do less well than in other areas. Grammar schools privilege the middle classes.”

Domestic violence

Dr Charlotte Bishop, from the University of Exeter Law School, said:

“Harmonisation of the law and policy surrounding domestic violence and abuse is to be welcomed. But this can't offer more protection per se because without resources to ensure the proposals are implemented appropriately they are just empty words. The existing legislation isn't used effectively in part because of limited resourcing and training, and because of all the other services that are being cut and that are vital for domestic violence victim and survivors. The proposals in the Queen’s Speech need to be matched with a commitment to funding of training for all legal and other personnel and proper resourcing.”