Bunch of tossers: MPs suffer humiliating defeat at Westminster’s annual pancake race

Posted On: 
13th February 2018

MPs were left humiliated today as Westminster’s journalists triumphed at the annual pancake race.

ITV's Alastair Stewart hosted Westminster's annual pancake race

The contest, in support of disability charity Rehab, saw parliamentarians take on the media in a tense battle of tossers.

A strong start from Tory backbencher Matt Warman saw the MPs take an early lead, but an astonishing burst of speed and strong wrist action from Sky’s Lewis Goodall turned the tables for the hacks.

The race had its share of drama with ITV’s Angus Walker hitting the deck, while Tory assistant whip Mims Davies lost her pancake en route.      

Despite a late surge from Lord St John of Blesto the media team hung on, with the Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn leaping across the line to secure the victory.    

Reports that PoliticsHome’s Liz Bates, who ran the crucial 5th leg, was “the best athlete of her generation” are unconfirmed.