Theresa May welcomes double-decker bus export deal

Posted On: 
23rd August 2017

Theresa May has hailed a deal to sell red double-decker buses to Mexico as evidence that the UK is a “great, global trading nation”.

A bus near the London Eye
Xinhua/SIPA USA/PA Images

The Prime Minister will visit the Alexander Dennis factory making the vehicles today to highlight the Government’s role in securing £44m in finance to secure the contract.

The Government says it has provided £1.7bn to help UK businesses export their products since the Department for International Trade was established last year.

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Mrs May said: “We are building a truly global Britain by helping UK companies win multi-million pound contracts to export their products across the globe, and supporting high value jobs here in this country.

“Since last summer, the Government has provided over £1.7bn of backing for contracts for goods and services and will continue to maximise investment in the UK and seek exciting new opportunities ahead. 

“From exporting iconic red double-decker buses to Mexico, cutting-edge MRI systems to Australia or rail equipment to Bangkok, each one is an example of a great British success story and shows the UK is leading the way as a great, global trading nation.”

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox added: “As an international economic department, the Department for International Trade is putting export finance at the heart of trade promotion.

“The £1.7bn in financial support since last summer has helped 137 companies secure deals around the world, in 40 local currencies including the Mexican Peso. This has made buying from the UK more attractive than ever.

“There is global appetite for British goods and expertise, and UK firms such as Alexander Dennis are taking advantage of the opportunities in fast growing markets like Mexico, securing deals that will boost the UK’s exports and safeguard jobs back home.”