Labour accuse Government of 'hypocrisy' over Boxing Day rail ‘shutdown’

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26th December 2017

Labour has accused the government of reneging on pledges to improve Britain's Boxing Day rail services despite vows to do so when in opposition.

Reduced rail services are forcing families into long car journeys, Labour has claimed
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Analysis by the party found just three out of 29 services across the mainland were running today albeit with fewer trains – sparking criticism of the Tories for barbs dished out during the last Labour government.

The party cited criticism from former Conservative shadow transport minister Stephen Hammond of then ministers in 2008 and then in 2009 for “condemning sports fans and families" to “misery on our clogged up motorways”.

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Labour said the limited services would have a “severe effect” on those due to visit family in other parts of the country and pointed to often extensive journey times in the car that will now be necessary instead.

Shadow Secretary for Transport, Andy McDonald said: “Tory Ministers’ handling of the Boxing Day rail standstill is making it much harder for families and friends to visit one another this Christmas break.

“In opposition the Tories attacked the Boxing Day rail shutdown.

“They’ve now had more than seven years to do something about it but a failure to properly manage and maintain our rail network means more delays and fewer services.

 “The Tory hypocrisy on this issue is astounding.”