DUP leader: 'Difficult' for Theresa May to remain Prime Minister

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9th June 2017

Arlene Foster has said it will be “difficult” for Theresa May to stay on as Prime Minister, amid talks about the DUP propping up a Conservative minority administration. 

DUP leader Arlene Foster
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The Tories lost their parliamentary majority after Labour beat them in dozens of constituencies in England.

An alliance with the DUP – who have ten MPs – would leave Mrs May with enough seats to govern, however.

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But Ms Foster, who leads the Northern Irish party from Stormont, said overnight that the Prime Minister may have to stand down.

Asked whether she would survive, she told BBC Radio Ulster: “I don’t know.

“I think that it will be difficult for her to survive, given that she was presumed at the start of the campaign – which seems an awfully long time ago now – to come back with over 100, maybe more, in terms of her majority.

“And now we’re in the position we find ourselves in tonight, so it will be an incredibly difficult evening for her.”

Mrs May’s position as Prime Minister is under threat this morning with Tory MP and former minister Anna Soubry saying she should consider her position and widespread recriminations over the Conservative campaign.

Ms Foster said it was “too soon to say” whether the DUP would come to an arrangement with the Tories – but she confirmed talks would take place.

“We need to see the final make-up of Parliament and then we’ll reflect on that,” she said.  

“I certainly think that there will be contact made over the weekend but I think it is too soon to talk about what we’re going to do. I think we need to wait and see.”