Boris Johnson urges Donald Trump to visit the UK amid warnings over US trade deal

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21st January 2018

Boris Johnson has renewed calls for Donald Trump to visit the UK amid claims the US president is going cold on his offer for a trade deal after Brexit.

Boris Johnson argued Donald Trump should be allowed to visit the UK.

The UK could end up last in line for a trade deal with the US after the relationship between Mr Trump and Theresa May "soured", according to the Sunday Times.

In a shock move Mr Trump cancelled his visit to the UK earlier this month, blaming the Obama administration for brokering a bad deal on the sale of the American embassy.

Theresa May to meet Donald Trump at Davos

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It came after he reacted with anger when Mrs May criticised him for retweeting far-right group Britain First.

Sources close to the president said he was still angry with Mrs May - who he will meet in Davos next week - and could rethink his offer of a post-Brexit trade deal.

"His position is that if Britain not interested in me, I am not interested in them," one told the Sunday Times.

Another added: “A trade deal with the US might be No 1 on the UK’s list but it’s not top of his list of priorities. The relationship has soured. You don’t have to be a genius to see that.”

But writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson tried to reach out to Mr Trump as he blamed Labour for putting him off his visit.

“When Jeremy Corbyn dismisses that partnership, and says there is nothing particularly important about it... the Labour leader betrays not only his anti-Americanism but also his ignorance of this country’s economic interests,” Mr Johnson wrote.

“That commercial relationship is mirrored, of course, in the deep commitment between Britain and America to our own mutual security, and to the security of the world.”

And he said of Mr Trump: “It is absolutely right that we should welcome him here."