Revealed: Donald Trump’s bad-tempered phone call with Theresa May over Iran and Brexit

Posted On: 
15th November 2018

Donald Trump berated Theresa May in a bad-tempered phone call in the aftermath of the US midterm elections last week, it has been revealed. 

The details of a phone call between Donald Trump and Theresa May were revealed by the Washington Post

According to the Washington Post, the US President launched an angry tirade at the Prime Minister over Britain’s opposition to sanctions on Iran, grilled her over Brexit and complained about unfair trade deals.

Mrs May initiated the phone call last Friday with the intention of congratulating Mr Trump on the Republican party’s performance in the midterms. 

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The President was on Air Force One travelling to Paris for the Armistice commemorations when he received the call.

He provoked criticism during the trip for cancelling a scheduled visit to a US military cemetery because it was raining.

Earlier this year Mr Trump announced that the US was pulling out of the international deal on Iran’s nuclear programme, saying he would instead unilaterally impose “the highest level” of economic sanctions on the country.

Mrs May, alongside EU allies, insisted that they remained committed to the deal and urged the US President not to sabotage international efforts in the region.

According to the Washington Post, the heated exchange last Friday between the leaders left Number 10 aides “shaken” by Mr Trump’s “especially foul mood”.

But responding last night, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said Mrs May’s staff were “unshakeable”, adding that tensions over Iran were well known.