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Veterans Aid

40 Buckingham Palace Road
United Kingdom 0800 012 6867info@veterans-aid.net

Veterans Aid  (VA) is the nation’s frontline, operational charity for veterans in crisis. Since 1932 it has been providing immediate, practical support for ex-servicemen and women regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, length of service, rank, orientation or nature of need -whether individuals have served one day or 25 years.  Its services are available to soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and reservists.

VA regards crisis as anything that causes, or contributes to, acute dysfunction, distress, chaos and harm. In practical terms this usually translates as being homelessness or facing the imminent prospect of homelessness.

For those who need it VA’s unique Welfare to Wellbeing © model offers a pathway from crisis and social isolation, through recovery and stabilisation to a position where individuals can support rewarding independent lives. Connected internationally and throughout the UK, the charity has a light footprint operating from a Victoria Drop-in Centre/HQ and an East London hostel, New Belvedere House.

VA is needs led and outcome focused. In 2016 it provided 22,000 nights of accommodation, welcomed 411 new clients, helped 154 veterans into new homes, put 35 through addiction treatment (e.g. alcohol, opiate, other) and enabled 45 veterans onto (72) training and education courses. It recorded 3,535 client interactions.

The charity has dealt with 611 Foreign & Commonwealth veterans, of 67 nationalities,  since it started keeping records in 2007 and last year helped with 67 visa applications.