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Scottish Parliament Business: Thursday 16 January 2020

In Plenary

11:40am: Parliamentary Bureau Motions

11:40am: General Questions

12:00pm: First Minister’s Questions

12:45pm: Members’ Business – Lewis MacDonald: Sustainable Development Goals in Scotland, On Target for 2030?

2:30pm: Parliamentary Bureau Motions

2:30pm: Portfolio Questions

Stage 1 Debate: Disclosure (Scotland) Bill

Financial Resolution: Disclosure (Scotland) Bill

Legislative Consent Motion: Direct Payments to Farmers (Legislative Continuity) 2020 Bill - UK Legislation

Business Motions

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Decision Time

In Committee

Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee (9:00am, Robert Burns Room)
Article 50 Inquiry - the Northern Ireland Protocol
Witnesses: Professor David Phinnemore, Professor of European Politics, Queen's University Belfast, Mairi Spowage, Deputy Director, Fraser of Allander Institute and Aodhán Connolly, Director, Northern Ireland Retail Consortium

Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee (9:00am, Mary Fairfax Somerville Room)
Section 22 report - The 2018/19 audit of Bórd na Gáidhlig: Governance and transparency
Witnesses: Caroline Gardner, Auditor General for Scotland, Michael Oliphant, Senior Audit Manager, Audit Services, Audit Scotland, Pat Kenny, Director and Karlyn Watt, Senior Manager, Deloitte LLP
Section 22 report - The 2018/19 audit of NHS Lothian: Delay to the opening of the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People
Witnesses: Caroline Gardner, Auditor General for Scotland, Leigh Johnston, Senior Manager, Performance Audit and Best Value, Audit Scotland and Chris Brown, Partner, Scott-Moncrieff

Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee (9:00am, James Clerk Maxwell Room)
Scottish Elections (Franchise and Representation) Bill: The Committee will consider the Bill at Stage 2 (Day 1)

Public Petitions Committee (9:15am, Sir Alexander Fleming Room)
Consideration of new petitions
- PE1767 on Scottish fire and rescue legislation and human rights
- PE1770 on Improving Water Safety; PE1771 on Potential abuse within Scottish local authorities
- PE1774 on Formally record vaping-related illnesses and deaths
- PE1775 on Introduce statutory allergy care legislation in nurseries and schools

Consideration of continued petitions
- PE1577 on Adult Cerebral Palsy Services
- PE1629 on MRI scans for Ocular Melanoma sufferers in Scotland
- PE1683 on Support for families with multiple births
- PE1699 on Release of murder victim bodies for funeral arrangements
- PE1722 on Parking charges at island lifeline ferry ports
- PE1723 on Essential tremor treatment in Scotland
- PE1724 on Equal rights for Commercial Attorneys and Party Litigants in the legal system
- PE1725 on Suicide awareness and support for young people
- PE1731 on Permit audio recording of local government public meetings

Justice Sub-Committee on Policing (1:00pm, Mary Fairfax Somerville Room)
Facial recognition: how policing in Scotland makes use of this technology
Witnesses: Duncan Sloan, Temporary Assistant Chief Constable, Police Scotland, Lynn Brown, Interim Chief Executive and Tom Nelson, Director of Forensic Services, Scottish Police Authority