Wed, 19 June 2024

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Veterans Aid

Veterans Aid

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Veterans Aid is a national operational frontline charity providing immediate, practical support to ex-servicemen and women in crisis regardless of age, ethnicity, rank, gender, orientation or length of service.

In the run up to the General Election, Veterans Aid's key asks of the next Government are:

  • Treat veterans as a part of society, not apart from it.

  • Hold a national debate on veterans rights and privileges in the 21st Century

  • Create a living charter enforcing rights and reacting to societal changes

  • Create a Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Establish an independent Veterans Ombudsman who is not a retired senior officer, similar to the Canadian model and not merely dealing with service complaints.

  • Stop making veterans issues into political footballs.

  • Stop supporting initiatives that actively promote and market military service as damaging

  • Replace the current bureaucratic resettlement system by creation of a transition loan service similar to the student loan system – up to £50k to be used for training and finding accommodation, controlled by individuals not by the system and repayable when working.

  • Stop funding projects not based on proven need. 


For more information, please read Veterans Aid's recent article: Re-evaluating veterans - it's time we were honest


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