Sun, 14 July 2024

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Association of Former Members of Parliament


Room G13, 1 Parliament Street, House of Commons, London, SW1A 2NE

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

The Association's Executive Committee meets every two months.

All-Member Meetings are held three times a year.

Members of the Executive are self-nominated and elected by postal ballot held as soon as possible after a General Election on a first past the post system, serving for the length of the Parliament. The 7 candidates with the most votes are elected. Further names from the list are then co-opted, and co-options can be made with the aim of providing as balanced a committee as possible between:

  • Retired/defeated MPs
  • Gender
  • Party
  • Region
  • Specialist Experience

Meet Our Executive Committee

Association of Former Members of Parliament Executive Committee Members

Chairman: Eric Martlew

Vice-Chairman: Nicholas Bennett

Treasurer: Sarah McCarthy-Fry

Membership Secretary: Adrian Sanders

Commons Liaison: Nigel Evans MP

Administrator: Laura Blake

John Austin

Gordon Banks

Andrew Bingham

Victoria Borwick

Linda Gilroy

Sir Micheal Hirst

Dr Tania Mathias

Lawrie Quinn

Baroness Taylor of Bolton

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