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Coca‑Cola Great Britain is helping people to make more informed choices when it comes to reducing sugar. Here’s how.

“Refresh the world and make a difference” is our mission here at Coca‑Cola. People’s tastes are evolving, with a desire for more choice, and we’ve made a lot of changes here at Coca‑Cola Great Britain to ensure we offer people great tasting drinks for all occasions, but with less or zero sugar.

Less sugar, More Choices

Here at Coca‑Cola, our aim is to offer people a choice of drinks, both with and without sugar, offering people the chance to make an informed decision, no matter the occasion.

With this in mind, Coca‑Cola Great Britain has made large inroads into offering a portfolio with a larger choice of low or zero-sugar options, introducing new low-calorie drinks and cutting sugar across all of our products.

Today, 67%, or two-thirds, of the drinks we sell at Coca‑Cola Great Britain are either low or no calorie products. We have reformulated 43 products and launched 100 new low and no-sugar drinks. This has enabled us to reduce the sugar content of our portfolio by over 52,00 tonnes, representing a 30% reduction in the amount of sugar we contribute to shopping baskets across Great Britain.

New & Different Drinks

Reducing sugar across our portfolio is just one way to help people enjoy healthier lifestyles and we are offering new and different drinks which deliver the industry-leading tastes our fans expect and love from Coca‑Cola, along with hydration and nutritional benefits.

That means in Europe over 200 drinks across the entire Coca‑Cola range, with some incredible low and no sugar choices on offer, including everything from the original taste of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, to refreshing options such as GLACÉAU Smartwater to our much loved Schweppes range.

We’re always looking for new ways to make our drinks healthier and more nutritious, reducing sugar and calories where possible, while still offering that same great taste. And it’s going well - the UK is the first country in the world where we sell more no-sugar cola than regular Coca‑Cola (sales of diet and zero-sugar combined).

Informed Decisions

We want people to be able to make the best possible choices, enjoying the drinks they love the most. That’s why we provide clear and meaningful nutritional information about the ingredients that go into our drinks on all of our packs.

We also want people to be able to understand the information at their fingertips, which is why we support nutrition labelling on the front of our products. Coca‑Cola GB’s labels are based on scientific research and evidence – and we believe this will help to deliver the greatest possible impact when it comes to helping people to follow healthier lifestyles.

No Marketing Targeting Children

Coca‑Cola has a long-standing Responsible Marketing Policy and we are committed to ensuring that we market our products responsibly and uphold the highest standards. We recognise our responsibilities as one of the world's leading companies and our responsible marketing values are embedded in everything we do. Therefore, we make sure that none of our marketing targets people under the age of 16, regardless of nutritional profile and whether the drink is a water, juice or sparkling soft drink.

The policy covers every type of advertising, including TV, online and social media, ensuring that no marketing is targeted where children under the age of 16 actually constitute more than 25% of the audience.

Promoting Low/No Sugar Choices

Our marketing strength at Coca‑Cola means we can also help encourage more people to choose low or zero sugar options ahead of alternative choices, 100% of Coca‑Cola brand marketing in GB already features Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, and our continued efforts will further help to people choose the right choice for them.  

In the same way that tastes change over time, so do the needs of Coca‑Cola and its drinkers. That is why we continuously innovate, making sure we meet the needs people and fans of our brands. If you would like to know more about the things that matter most, visit: Coca‑Cola Great Britain Company Statements


How Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar is helping to offer people choice

Since launching over a century ago, Coca‑Cola has become loved and instantly recognized around the world. But, in 2005, we shook things up again when we unveiled Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar. This much-loved drink provides the same great taste our fans love, but without the sugar.

As customer choice and tastes continue to change, a staggering two thirds of the soft drinks Coca‑Cola sells in the UK are now low or no Zero Sugar options. With Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar well on its way to becoming one of the UK’s most popular soft drinks, join us as we take a look back at the history of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar.  

How it all started

It all started back in 2005, when Coca‑Cola Zero launched in the US, providing a low-calorie alternative the original Coca‑Cola. In 2017, Coca‑Cola Zero evolved into Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, with an updated new taste that was even closer to Coca‑Cola Original Taste.

Since then, with customers continuing to move away from sugar and alternative choices, the Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar family has continued to grow and thrive, with new additions and flavours helping it to become one of the most popular soft drink brands in the UK.

In 2017, the UK saw the launch of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Vanilla and Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Cherry, offering the perfect drink for people who want the great Coca‑Cola taste with a new flavour, all with zero sugar and zero calories.  

In 2021, the Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar family saw another new addition in the form of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine, delivering a refreshing new take on the much-loved Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar taste, but offering people the chance to enjoy their favourite drink whatever time of day.

Growing the zero-sugar family

While plenty of fans who love the taste of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, our original zero sugar beverage, the iconic Diet Coke, also continues to thrive, offering soft drink fans a healthy zero sugar option for more than 40 years.

As with Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, the Diet Coke offer has continued to grow, with the addition of Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry and Diet Coke Sublime Lime.

Offering people more choice across our brands we’ve also expanded zero sugar options across the Coca‑Cola portfolio, including our ever-popular Fanta family. Fanta Fruit Twist Zero offers a juicy blast of fruity flavours with fruit juice and zero sugar, while Fanta Grape Zero Added Sugar offers an exciting blast of flavour that uses grape juice.

Fanta Zero Strawberry & Kiwi, is also another fun-fuelled fruity flavour to add to Fanta’s mouth-watering zero sugar line- up which has been rolled out thanks to a group of fanatical Fanta fans who relentlessly pushed the brand to bring Fanta Zero Strawberry & Kiwi to the market after tasting the fantastically tropical flavour on holiday.

Completing the Fanta Zero Sugar family, Fanta Orange Zero promises to liven up any occasion offering a refreshing, fruity orange drink with zero sugar, while Fanta Raspberry Zero is sure to liven up your taste buds with the new raspberry taste explosion with zero sugar.

Fancy something different? Coca‑Cola has your back, with GLACÉAU Smartwater, along with the ever popular Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water and Schweppes Soda Water.

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